Stretching Massage

60 min 630 AED
90 min 945 AED

Proper stretching improves circulation and relaxation. You'll improve your flexibility and improve your ability to move. Long periods of sitting at a desk can cause soreness around the shoulders and neck area. A sprain of the ankle can cause pain, even if it's an old injury. Tight muscles create nerve pressure and constrict the blood-flow. There are many similarities between stretching and massage, but its main benefit is that it relieves the tension and tightness stored in your muscles when they've been used. Stretches improve blood flow to your muscles and therefore keep your joints aligned as they enhance range of motion.

Stretching massages are perfect for situations similar to these, as they relieve tension on your muscles and joints while keeping your muscles flexible. Consequently, you will attain more flexibility and improve your posture. Stretching massage is an excellent way to keep your body limber if you aren't used to incorporating yoga into your daily routine. A 60-minute stretching massage is 630 AED, and a 90-minute stretching therapy massage is 954 AED. Depending on your needs, we can customize any massage treatments by focusing on specific pressure points. Our website provides more information about our stretch massages, so please visit us to schedule an appointment with our professional massage therapist.

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