Couples Massage

60 min 1045 AED
90 min 1470 AED

Rejuvenate your relationship with a couple massage which can help two people bond more closely by creating a common experience. The couple might use this time to get together and catch up or just relax and enjoy the experience without any interruptions. An indulgent and relaxing massage session for couples is a luxurious full body treatment where they accompany each other. Two different therapists provide services to each of them in the same room. People's most intimate reactions are expressed by affection. Couples benefit from body massage and spa services by strengthening their bond and feel closer. When a couple of massages is performed by us, dopamine is released, which increases their love and intimacy.

Located in Dubai, K Spa offers customers a private, serene environment where they can enjoy professional massage treatments. In order to achieve better results, both detoxifying treatments are administered simultaneously by licensed massage therapists. You can expect to benefit from luxurious spa amenities such as hot tubs, showers, towels, and toiletries during the session. Couples wishing to relax in the most luxurious manner can benefit from our therapeutic massage treatment. At KSpa, we have two sessions for couple massage ranging from 60 mins and 90 mins pricing from 1045 AED and 1470 AED. To book your appointment at our luxury spa, drop in a WhatsApp or call our team now.

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