Six Hands Massage

60 min 2100 AED
90 min 3100 AED

By stimulating circulation and relieving pain stored in the muscles and joints of your body, a six-hand body massage can help relieve symptoms. Stress can be relieved with these massage services. The benefits of massage sessions by three masseuses are combined with this deep relaxation therapy. A six-hand massage that combines two or more body massage techniques can provide several benefits. The holistic massage is generally offered by three massage therapists, which typically makes the treatment much better. Having an additional treatment will be worth it if you want a relaxing treatment. Synced massage increases blood circulation, reduces stress, and alleviate anxiety. You will sleep better if you are experiencing sleep difficulties. This reduces muscle and joint pain as well as soreness in the body.

There is something healing about six hands massages. They lower blood pressure and heart rate and may even relieves migraine and headache by relaxing trigger points.

At KSpa, we have well-trained massage therapists who provide a rejuvenation experience for our customers. Ensure that you convey your needs to them to get the best treatments and customise them as per your pain points. After the session at our massage center, you will notice a decrease in anxiety, body aches, and blood pressure in Dubai. In addition, a massage can relieve trigger points that cause migraines and headaches. Reduce your stress levels by utilising synchronised massage therapy. Any 60-minute session costs AED 2100. Schedule an appointment with our team.

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