Moroccan Bath & Swedish Massage

45 min 450 AED
45+60 min 850 AED

Morocco's traditional bath is called the Hammam. Innumerable detoxifying benefits can be reaped from the Moroccan Bath treatment, which is very popular among individuals. It aims to relax and soften people's skin while cleansing and purifying it. Additionally, these baths using essential oils are thought to give people an even complexion and whiten their skin. You will feel relaxed, your skin will be better hydrated, and it helps in anti-ageing. Moroccan bathing stimulates the veins by improving blood circulation and calming muscle tensions. Moroccan baths in Dubai work similarly to Turkish baths in which they relieve pain and stress that may otherwise affect the joints.

One of the unique features is that it is immersed using special cleansing ingredients. Our friendly, well-trained European therapists will take care of these spa treatments in our luxurious steam room at KSpa using one of their professional, friendly products. 

Warm steam and special soap applications establish an intense detoxification and exfoliation process, making this oldest of all body treatments. Sore and aching muscles or other aches benefit from a gentle massage performed in the bath. The therapeutic massage services we offer are based on Russian and European massage techniques, using high-quality products. Providing individual attention to our customers ensures that they have a good experience with our Russian massage spa in Dubai. Our uniqueness from all other spas in town is one of our most notable features, and it helps in anti-ageing. Moroccan bath sessions last 45 minutes and are 470 AED; 90-minute sessions are 950 AED. Take advantage of our online appointment booking system to pamper yourself to the fullest.

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