Bamboo Massage

60 min 630 AED
90 min 945 AED

Bamboo Massage is a powerful therapeutic massage tool in China, Japan, and Indonesia because of its powerful healing properties. Using the bamboo cane, the therapist can provide a deeper, firmer, and special massage, while the cane is held and used similarly to their hands in rubbing the muscles. Massage can also be given using the hands. The bamboo stalks are purely incorporated into the design in a unique manner that contains bamboo stalks of different lengths and is warmed at room temperature. Designed for large muscles such as those in the thighs and back, longer sticks have a powerful impact. In addition to promoting good health in general, bamboo massage can help with specific health issues.

As a result, blood circulation is increased, arthritis pain is relieved, particularly discomfort in the neck and shoulders, nerve function in the nervous system is enhanced, and insomnia may be treated. It also improves muscle flexibility and increases joint mobility as well as fat-cell breakdown. It is one of the best healing massages.

Dubai-based KSpa offers a selection of highly trained and certified masseuses who not only provide excellent service and a serene setting but who can also help smooth your skin while relaxing your muscles. Bamboo massages are available in 45- and 90-minute sessions, with the former costing AED 525 AED and the latter AED 735 AED. Customization enhances customer satisfaction, according to us. We ensure that every customer receives personalized service from our professionals using quality massage tools. You can learn more about this special massage by stopping by our spa center or visiting our website.

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